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Boggs Summit Bulldogs  and  Papillons

Raising a few bulldogs for conformation and temperament

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Here is all the information you are going to need to learn about Boggs Summit Bulldogs. Take a look around and please contact us with any questions or to inquire about prices.Thanks for visiting!

We were State Certified in 2017 and 2018 as a Brucillosis Free Kennel for your "peace of mind"!

I CURRENTLY (9-1--22) have One female Papillon puppy named "SIS" available. This little gal is for "PET ONLY" as she is deaf.  We are house training her currently.  Photos on "Papillon Pups 2020" page.   I have a litter of Papillons due soon, and a litter of Bulldogs due Sept.26th. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FILL OUT A CONTACT/ SUBMISSION FORM & GIVE ME A CALL SO WE CAN HAVE A PERSONAL VISIT IF YOUR INTERESTED IN ONE OF OUR PUPPIES.  Most often of our pups are sold off our NOTIFICATION list before I get a chance to advertise them. I will be glad to add you to our notification list of Papillon & Bulldog pups if you choose. It's just a List, there is NO COMMITMENT by you, however I do need a Contact Form filled out.  THANKS FOR LOOKING AT OUR PUPPIES. Harriett and Bob Boggs.  Home 417-462-3630 Cell 307-214-4758. I always try to be available to customers.

We hope you can find the puppy you've been looking for! Boggs Summit Bulldogs

is focused on providing high-quality companions for the ideal family ready to be responsible pet owners. We condemn all substandard kennels which reflect poorly on the vast majority of responsible pet providers who have demonstrated by their actions that they truly care about the health and welfare of their animals.

    We know of some wonderful brokers in our area, however, we do NOT sell to brokers or pet stores. We choose the personal contact with our puppies new families. 

    I know I probably have too much on my website. However, I want new customers to see why I have loved this business for many years. It is all about my happy moms, dads, puppies and their new families! We keep in touch, if customers want to. I send Birthday cards out every year to keep in touch. I'm proud of the dogs & puppies health and want new customers to be able to see what the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents looked like, as well as how they continue to thrive in retirement. I have: 3 bulldog moms, 6 Papillion moms, 1 bulldog stud, and 2 Papillion studs. I never have over 10 moms, as I raise my own moms from my best puppies. I just I love sharing photos of the puppies as they grow. I hope you enjoy the photos too.

We only sell puppies to customers in the U.S.A. - Please note, people steal photos of puppies to sell as their own. Ask for a photo of items you see in photos as proof they own that puppy. Such as the car props, flowers, or such that I use. It pays to be cautious!

Our purebred English Bulldogs and Papillons parents are AKC, APRI, and ACA registered. All puppies are "Litter Registered" with AKC, APRI and ACA. All puppies will be "fully Registered" in the new owner's name with AKC, ACA and APRI which we pay for with full breeding rights. All puppies go to their new home microchip-ed with FULL Lifetime Registration paid for by us. All puppies come with a vet check, health certificate, registration papers, health chart, purchase agreement/health guarantee, puppy packet with pet info, puppy photo page, Royal Canin food, Euckanuba Coupons, and Well Water from our farm, to help keep their gut settled during transfer of Water they will be drinking at your home.   

 All of our puppies receive "Super Dog Exercises" from day 3 to day 16 to help them handle stressful situations throughout their life. Each puppy receives an 8-week Puppy Evaluation for Conformity and Temperament. Our parents are OFA Health Checked at 2 years f age. They are registered in the "CHIC" National Database. We KNOW the background health of all our puppies! It does not mean all of our puppies will be perfect and healthy! It means we are trying our best to produce healthy puppies. We Do Not require you to Spay or Neuter your dog! If you plan to breed, we will help if you ask. We provide healthy puppies, and it is YOUR dog in the end. To be Responsible owners and do your best is all we expect of our clients.  Your welcome name your new puppy as you wish. 

We REQUIRE personal contact by phone before doing business. We require meeting you in person for delivery of your puppy. If your truly interested in a puppy, feel free to call us. We give consideration to potential customers who call us first, before others.

 We Do NOT ship our puppies.We will Personally Deliver your puppy safely at a workable time for us and you. We have to charge Sales Tax. We do our best to work with customers to lower the costs of all deliveries. Each delivery is different and we try to personalize deliveries to meet your needs within our limits. We will ABSOLUTELY NOT accept bank or cashiers checks. We will deal fairly with clients and expect the same back.

   We are proud members of: Professional Pet Breeders Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Farmers Care, Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Iowa Pet Association, Missouri Animal Husbandry Association, Protect The Harvest, and The Calvary Group. 

If your looking for a reputable and professional pet provider, you have found a Missouri Registered one! We are inspected by: AKC Inspectors and our Kennel Vet. Each dog receives "Hands On" care by our veterinarians 2 times a year for Dental & Breeding purposes. We were certified in 2017 & 2018 as a Brucillosis FREE Kennel by the State of Missouri! We no longer see the need to re-test for Brucillosis as we never allow outside dogs into our kennels or on our land.

  We DO "prepay" ALL pups with AKC,ACA, and APRI Registrations in your name, as well as the lifetime microchip registration with AKC. We are certified "Breeders with a H.E.A.R.T." with the AKC. We enjoy Showing in AKC, ACA and APRI Shows and Working with each of our Dogs. We attend many seminars annually to earn Continuing Education Units towards being the Best Pet Providers we can be. We are always available to our customers!

    We have earned our 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 American Canine Association "Achievement of Excellence" 5 Star Breeder Awards. We are extremely proud of this as we were the 21st breeders in the nation to receive this award in 2012.  

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks, Harriett and Bob Boggs.

417-462-3630 Home, or 307-214-4728 Cell

Email: [email protected]

or on our website "Contact Page"

Be sure to LIKE "Boggs Summit Bulldogs" on Face Book.

     We hope to see you again! Check back for new updated photos when we have more puppies available. Sometimes the NEW PUPPY PHOTOS appear at the bottom of the page, I Don't Know Why. But just scroll down to see if any are available. Thanks